Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Map of Citizen Engagement

I encourage you to take a look at this site which includes a growing map of people involved in social change throughout the world.

This is a project of Edgeryders and Citizens in the Lab, who "want to collect examples and showcase the cultural innovation which is shaping a new way of making our way in the world. We are interested in new kinds of employment, social enterprises and other projects which embody new values, cultural centres, galleries, projects and teams. If it's a place that people can visit, so much the better - take a tour in your own city or while you are traveling, and see some of the New Planet."

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Business for Good Map

The map below is created by the US Chamber of Commerce and is a great tool to show business involvement, by company and by category, all over the world.

If this map does not open, visit this page to see the actual map.

If we can connect with the people leading this effort perhaps we can combine the map-making purposes of the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC so that over time a map of business involvement in tutor/mentor programs in all parts of the world would show involved from more and more business groups in a larger number of places.

Furthermore, if we can connect with their marketing groups then at key times of each year company communications, PR and social media would be encouraging people to volunteer, donate, or join learning circles where they could do more to help every tutor/mentor program constantly improve their impact on youth and the volunteers who are involved.

Concept Maps Connect information and people

One type of maps that we've been piloting shows the geographic areas of the Chicago region where well-organized tutor/mentor programs are most needed. Leaders can use maps like this to organize actions that support existing programs with volunteers, dollars, technology and ideas, while helping new programs start where too few exist.

Another type of map can help organize information or show the connection of people and ideas who all share the same goals, but who may not yet be connected to each other. This concept map shows high school drop out prevention resources, ideas and people that I've connected with over the past decade.

While I've been creating these maps I keep looking for teams in high schools, colleges, businesses and/or faith groups who will share this work with me, not only mapping resources to help Chicago, but mapping resources to help kids in any part of the world! Introduce yourself on Twitter or Facebook. Let's connect!

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