Saturday, March 22, 2008

Getting Close... Off to Student Teach...

Well, I'm off to begin my student teaching, and the program is close, but not quite where I'd like it. Most of the code is in place, but there are still some bugs that I need to address when I come in here on Saturdays over the next two months.

Also, some of the data I've been using isn't as current as it should be. I'm looking for an updated dataset for Businesses and Places of Worship - all religions. If anyone knows where I might find such data, I'd love to know... otherwise I'll be doing some research and then some geocoding.

That said, again, I'm close, and this project has been a lot of fun - learning to use ArcObjects to do something custom like this is always a trip. I'll leave you with a map I was able to make with the program this afternoon:

Any feedback encouraged!

Have a great spring... I'll check in soon,



Dave & Bria said...

This is fantastic. Exactly what I have been wanting to do with my classes. Are you sharing the software to make these maps?

Mike said...

Hi David - Thanks! The plan right now is definitely to share the software, and hopefully set up a community of people interested in mapping for justice who are sharing ideas, data, and resources. Great to meet you!

Adam Shields said...

Reading your blog after a referral from Neil Cole. I have have some relatively good places of worship data (not as complete as I would like for non-Christian religions). Let me know if you are still interested.