Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Banks and Tutoring/Mentoring: Park National

One of a series of maps, created in 2008, that show how area banks can help themselves by helping tutor/mentor programs, Park National:

(click on the map above to see "full-sized" version)

Branches in the West and South parts of the city could be meeting places for community and business partners working together to help create new tutor/mentor programs in under-served areas. Park National has also been a sponsor of the annual Cabrini Connections Golf Benefit.
Its branch in Roseland is near Salem Baptist Church which is led by State Senator James Meeks. That branch of Park National Bank could be a catalyst in the Roseland/Pullman area, for the growth of tutor/mentor programs.

To learn more about the benefits of volunteer involvement for businesses, and how tutoring and mentoring can assist workforce development, please take a look at the following Tutor/Mentor Institute document.

And for more information on why tutoring and mentoring makes sense in general, please read this document.

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