Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mapping For Holiday Justice - A Small Fundraiser this Season of Giving!

We are having a holiday fundraiser this month, trying to raise an additional $1500...

Money that will go toward our innovative maps - tools that have a direct impact on Chicago and beyond through support of mentor-to-career programs that fight poverty and help develop our workforce.

Please consider a donation this holiday season to help kids help themselves now... so you don’t have to worry about them later!

To learn more, please read on below, but first, thanks to everyone who was so generous during our last fundraiser, which met 70% of our $5000 goal. Feedback from some of those donors:

“Mapping for Justice deserves all the support it can get."

“We are glad that we could help the kids in Chicago who are desperately in need. Keep up the good work!”

“We need to encourage organizations like this who are doing a good job.”

“Don't ever stop believing you can change the world for the better”

Why Should You Care?

We all need mentors and guides in our lives.

Tutor/mentor programs pair working and successful adults with students who might not find the mentorship needed to pursue their dreams of college and career at home.

Without these programs, the alternative for many students in high-poverty neighborhoods is the streets.

You don’t have to look past the nightly news to see that our workforce is suffering and incidents of teen violence are high.

You could passively wait for politicians and the mass media to investigate these problems, and for them to eventually propose rhetorical solutions to crime and poverty... proposals that are tied up in bureaucracy and your tax dollars (and often go nowhere)... or you can choose to

Take action yourself, bypassing all the empty promises, by making a charitable gift this holiday season to Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) maps.

Our maps are tools that make an impact on society by helping community leadership - the generals in this war on poverty - come together quickly and efficiently to put T/MC strategies into motion, for more and improved tutor/mentor programs today.

* How do T/MC programs and maps help kids in high poverty neighborhoods?

For our country's future, we need to ensure that students everywhere are making wise, safe choices, while getting solid, competitive educations. Tutor/mentor programs put adults who have walked this path into the lives of frustrated students who might not be getting the best guidance from home, or the best education from public schools.

T/MC maps reveal neighborhoods where students are most at risk, and show where non-school tutor/mentor programs currently operate, or are needed.

The resulting maps help students in high poverty neighborhoods come together with volunteers one-on-one every week, so that these adults can tutor students to better grades, while coaching them to make healthier decisions toward brighter futures.

In the hands of community leaders, T/MC mapping technologies – including our new online interactive Google-based maps - are powerful tools that help political, business, faith-based and other community leaders ally in the name of this mission.

* What can you do to help now?

Create awareness – let everyone in your network know that we are here working to guide talented youth from the streets into positions where their natural curiosity, creativity, and desire to participate in the economy can make the world a safer and more productive place.

Volunteer an hour or two each week, if you have time.

And donate to programs like ours that help kids help themselves now... so you don’t have to worry about them later!

Tutor/Mentor Connection, Cabrini Connections is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt non-profit. Our tax ID # is 36-3893431.

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