Friday, February 19, 2010

Benefit Concert Announced! (Partnership with Business Leadership for Mentoring!)

In my last blog, I presented a case for poverty as your problem, and discussed ways Mapping For Justice and Tutor/Mentor Connections are fighting to alleviate the costs of poverty to you, me, and our fellow taxpayers.

I promised to begin introducing you this week to a few new exciting events we are proud to be co-producing this year - opportunities for you to get involved with mentoring as sponsor, participant, or simply by passing the word along through your network. The first event I'm announcing this week is something that really excites me!

Together, Mark Shore, CIO Shore Capital Management LLC, and Mapping For Justice will be co-producing a Back to School "Musicians For Mentoring" benefit concert in August.

A business leader who understands the sense in "giving back to the community," and a musician himself, Mr. Shore recently relocated from New York City, where he had experience organizing similar fundraisers.

And me? Well, I'm an independent working musician in Chicago and my new CD will be hot off the presses right about the same time!

Together this summer! Mentoring, maps, music, business leadership, and YOU!

Exact dates and details as they are confirmed...

Meantime, please contact me if you or anyone in your network might be interested in joining our growing team of press, radio, PR, and other back-end support for this fun event... in promotion of mentoring, students, and our community.


Oh and don't forget to join Shore Capital Management LLC and Mapping For Justice in support of Team TEMS, the Cabrini Connections Tech Club entry in the Cabrini Connections "Cabrini Madness 2010" Tournament!

Head here to learn more about Cabrini Connections Tech Club (or "Team TEMS" - Technology Expertise for Mentoring Students - as they've dubbed themselves)... These Cabrini Green 7th-9th grade students have been meeting weekly with local IT and design professionals, and together they are in the process of developing a video game (to be released later this year!) In the spirit of advocacy, the video game will provide an interactive look into tutoring/mentoring. It casts students from Team TEMS as the heroes, and examines the challenges they face in building awareness and raising the funding needed to keep Tech Club operational.

Together with you, Team TEMS will continue to fight for students' futures, for your community… and for the glory of the “Cabrini Madness Tournament 2010” championship!

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