Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Join the discussion about our maps on Social Edge dot org!

Our maps were featured this past week on socialedge.org

The article asks the following questions, and a discussion ensues:

How can you take this use of geographic maps -- and tweak it so as to apply it to your own situation, social enterprise or area of passionate concern?

What nearby local services could usefully be mapped alongside yours?

What other social concerns (health, education, food, water, online) are relevant in the community you serve?

What other factors (poverty, crime, potential funders) could usefully be mapped in your area?

Who do you know (locally, globally) who might benefit from reading about these mapping techniques, applying them in their own situation and/or joining our conversation here?

What are you waiting for.... head over there and get in on the discussion!!!

Even if you don't head to the Social Edge conversation, these are things we should all be thinking about daily. Please shoot me a email, or start your own discussion right here, if you'd like!

And definitely contact us if you need us to help you create your own maps to answer your questions!

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