Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maps and What's Possible

A couple of years ago the Social Edge forum hosted a discussion titled "Maps and What's Possible" featuring the Tutor/Mentor Connection's uses of maps. That's not the first time our use of maps have received attention.
This is the front page of a 1999 story in the URISA Newsletter (see pdf).

In 2004 our use of maps was nominated for a Global Innovation Award, as described in this pdf.

In 1995 our strategy was described as a "Master plan for saving youth" in this Chicago Tribune article.

Our mapping strategy is outlined in this wiki and I'm looking for partners, volunteers, investors and benefactors to help us develop this strategy so it can be applied in big cities all over the world, as well as in other social benefit sectors.

Can you help us find these resources?

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