Friday, February 26, 2016

Maps of 10 Most Distressed Communities in the U.S.

Here's a 2016 CityLab article with maps showing the 10 most distressed communities in the U.S.  Chicago is included.  Put these maps and charts into advocacy campaigns intended to mobilize people, talent, dollars and other resources needed to help the people in these neighborhoods overcome the challenges they face.

Above is a concept map illustrating the problems people in high poverty areas face. They have many of the same challenges as do people in affluent areas, but many other challenges that are not common in affluent areas.

People in more affluent areas have more resources and a broader network of other people to help them overcome their challenges than do people in high poverty areas.  It's for this reason that the Tutor/Mentor Connection has supported the growth of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs that draw people from different work, education and income backgrounds into the lives of youth and families in high poverty areas.  

Anyone who uses this information anyone can form a study/reading and discussion group with others and use the ideas to take an on-going, and strategic role, in helping needed programs grow in one, or many, high poverty neighborhoods.

If you're doing this, describe what you do on your blog, and share the link in the comment section of this blog.

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Here's another article that uses the same data on distressed zip codes.

Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Here's another article showing racial segregation in Chicago, and it's impact.