Sunday, June 26, 2016

Maps that Make You Rethink the World

 My friend Terry Elliott, a professor at Western Kentucky University, sent me this Washington Post article, which is titled "Six maps that will make you rethink the world."

I encourage you to read the article, look at the maps, and spend some time in deep thinking and conversation with others about what the maps of the world will, or should, look like in the year 2100.

These maps show population changes, growth of cities, and environmental changes taking place over the next century.  Since 1994 when I first started using maps, I've focused on Chicago, and highlighted high poverty areas with my maps.

However, I've also suggested in many forums that there ought to be a world map that shows areas of poverty, or other issues, and that supports deeper learning and discussion by people throughout the world that leads to better management of these changes.

In this link on my web library I point to some of the sites I've found. I'm sure there are more.  

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