Thursday, October 6, 2016

Chicago Life Expectancy Maps

This map is one of many that you can find on a Chicago Life Expectancy web site, compiled by a team from DePaul University in Chicago.

These were introduced to myself and a group of others at the monthly ChicagoCityData user group meet-up, held at the Microsoft headquarters in Chicago.

Spend some time browsing these maps, then scroll through articles posted on this site, showing other mapping platforms and ways people are turning  maps into stories intended to build public awareness, mobilize resources and fill map areas with needed solutions.  Also visit the links, and you'll find an extensive library of links to other GIS platforms being used in the US and the world to focus attention on areas with high poverty, health disparities, inequality, etc.

I was one of nearly 100 people at the meet up, so there's not much opportunity to engage in a deep and on-going conversation with presenters, or other participants.  In the Tutor/Mentor blog I've been pointing to cMOOCs, such as the Connected Learning #clmooc, where the format encourages the type of on-going conversation and idea sharing that I feel would be valuable in many sectors.

If any readers want to help set up, or sponsor, this type of conversation focused on uses of spatial thinking and tools, or the broader conversations that I focus on, please introduce yourself.

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