Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Distressed Communities in US

Distressed Communities Index map and data show a fragmented economy with nearly 52.3 Americans living in economically distressed communities.  Read the report-click here. View the map-click here.

Note: the link I'm pointing to is to an updated 2021 map. 

In articles on this blog and the Tutor/Mentor blog I show how people can zoom into maps like this to focus on specific areas. 

Below is an example. I've zoomed into the Springfield, Illinois area.

If you run your mouse over the map data tables pop up showing a "distress score". For instance, the rust colored area of Springfield has a 91.5 distress score with a 26% poverty rate and 25% adults not working rate. 

People from throughout the Springfield area should be creating stories using map-views like this with a "what are we going to do about it?" set of questions.  Only when enough people are concerned will anything happen.

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