Wednesday, May 24, 2023

American Inequality site shows problems and solutions

I've used this blog for the past 12 years to share links to data-mapping platforms that identify areas of high poverty and inequality.  I host these links in this section of the Tutor/Mentor library. 

This week I learned of a new resource, called American Inequality.  Below is a screenshot from one article on the site.

Visit this page for a collection of data visualizations and articles showing "a path forward". 

One feature that I like on this site is that it not only provides an interactive map that enables you to zoom into specific parts of the country to learn more, but in the article it shares solutions that could be implemented if more people mobilized public will to solve these problems.

I've been sharing some of the data-maps I find in the concept map shown below.  

In addition to sharing these resources on this blog I've been showing ways to incorporate maps into blog articles on the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC blog.  

I learned about the American Inequality resource by participating in a ZOOM webinar hosted last night by the PBS News Hour Classroom.  During the webinar I asked "Who was teaching this?" and was told about a New American History site. I asked them to post the link on Twitter, which they did, as you can see below.
I visited the site and found this Mapping Inequality lesson plan. 

If you're an educator or an activist I encourage you to browse this site an see ways to teach others to tell these stories in creative, interesting and informative ways.

I keep looking for sections on each data-mapping site that show ways students and adults can create similar, on-going, map-stories, since that's the only way we'll build the public attention, and motivation, to do the work of solving the problems shown on the maps.  It seems to me that any of these platforms could be hosting a "teach this" resource list and including the New American History site. 

Share links in the comment section to sites where you feel this is being taught. 

Unfortunately, access to all of the articles and resources on the American Inequality site is not free. There is a subscription fee.  If you can afford to pay please do. If not, use the articles that are shared at no cost and share them with others. 

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