Monday, February 25, 2008

Tech Update: Some Progress Over The Past Week

After a bit of a struggle, the program now lets users plot multiple custom addresses to a map. Each point can have a custom symbol, and there is a tool that allows the user to track and delete points that have been geocoded and added. (It turns out that adding and deleting individual geocoded points is a little tricky to do programmatically, but after hitting my head against the wall a few times over the week, several posts on the ESRI developer board, and a bit of good luck, the system now works.) I've also added functionality that allows users to turn labels on or off for each layer included, and at this point, I'm adding the rest of the layers. I may have to create a few shapefiles myself, as some of the data here seems a little dated (CPS schools, for instance). After these layers are in place, I want polish up the zoom functionality. Still hoping to have something usable by the time I begin student teaching in late March.

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