Friday, August 22, 2008

New Data, Map Gallery Updates Coming

I just wanted to take a second and report on what was accomplished this week before heading out for the weekend.

We've been taking inventory of the Tutor/Mentor Connection Map Gallery, and will be updating many of the gallery maps with up-to-date data. Now, this is not to say that the maps in the gallery are out of date... all of them are still useful, and it's well worth going and poking around when you have a few minutes. But sometimes data changes over time. When this happens, it's helpful to have our gallery maps reflect these changes in order to paint the most accurate picture.

For instance, Tutor/Mentor location data is constantly changing. We store known T/M locations in our database, and T/M program info is available to you via a searchable interface, or an interactive zip code map. That data that comes up is constantly maintained and updated. Thus, whenever Nicole and Chris discover new programs or new information about known programs, our maps might look a little different.

In fact, much of my work lately has revolved around collecting current data. "Failing school" data (schools on the state's warning and watch lists) provide another example of data that are constantly changing. You've seen maps here that make use of "failing school" data, but so far I've focused solely on the Chicago Public Schools. This week, I started collecting data for schools in the collar counties. These data were actually used in two maps that I produces this week, and that Dan is currently reviewing. When I get the go ahead, I'll post them here and write about them. (If I must say so, I think they're my prettiest maps yet, so check back Monday!)

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