Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Insurance and Tutoring/Mentoring: American Family

One of a series of maps that show how area insurance companies are in positions to help in the fight against poverty... American Family Branch locations:

(click on the map to see a larger, high resolution version)

Perhaps you're asking: Why whould professionals from the insurance industry want to get more involved in tutoring and mentoring? What's in it for them?

Well, maybe ideas can be taken from the legal community, who have banded together to find solutions to the need for more non-school tutoring and mentoring programs.

In a presentation given by Lawyers Lend-A-Hand, it is suggested by attorney Carolyn Amadon that, "we have a profession that includes duty to invest in the community but also the know-how that is needed to really guide a child."

It's my assumption that many in the insurance industry share this sense of duty and know-how.

But even if a professional in the industry - any industry - is motivated solely by the drive for profit, there are pure business reasons that exist. Again, Lawyers Lend-A-Hand, lists some of these in the same presentation:

  • Expand markets and create new opportunities.
  • Access to broader, more diverse labor pool.
  • Enhance employee skills and development.
  • Increase competitive advantage.
  • Enhance brand image.
  • Develop trust at the local level.
  • Improve risk management.
  • Better manage physical and financial assets.

Regardless of how a business feels about the well-being of a child, and that child's improved opportunity to pursue a better life, certainly ALL business folk share the desire to achieve the rewards spelled out in that list... business rewards that can be achieved through tutoring and mentoring. Check out that presentation for details, or contact Dan Bassill at Cabrini Connections & Tutor/Mentor Connection for more details

To learn more about the benefits of volunteer involvement for businesses, and how tutoring and mentoring can assist workforce development, please take a look at the following Tutor/Mentor Institute document.

And for more information on why tutoring and mentoring makes sense in general, please read this document.

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