Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Insurance and Tutoring/Mentoring: Allstate

One of a series of maps that show how area insurance companies are in positions to help in the fight against poverty... Allstate Branch locations:

(click on the map to see a larger, high resolution version)

The insurance industry is in a position to take a leadership role in the fight against poverty. In addition to financial resources, a company like Allstate (and its numerous branch locations scattered throughout the region) employs potential volunteers, who work to to protect us in our times of sickness, loss, and accident.

In this series of maps, I explore the ways insurance companies like Allstate can work with Tutor/Mentor Connection... following examples set by other successful industry partnerships... and using documents from the Tutor/Mentor Institute's library... to take these needed leadership roles in improving the support for existing and new tutor/mentor programs... and in turn helping themselves.

In this series:

* The blog for American Family Insurance answers, in more detail, the obvious question: "Why should professionals from the insurance industry get more involved in tutoring and mentoring?"

* The blog for Farmers Insurance explores potential leadership roles that can be filled by Insurance professionals.

* And the State Farm blog proposes that all insurance branches form alliances to meet tutoring/mentoring goals

To learn more about the benefits of volunteer involvement for businesses, and how tutoring and mentoring can assist workforce development, please take a look at the following Tutor/Mentor Institute document.

And for more information on why tutoring and mentoring makes sense in general, please read this document.

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