Monday, January 4, 2010

A Resolution You Can Make and Knock Out in 5 Minutes... Great Rewards, Instant Gratification!

If crime, poverty, poorly-performing schools, and the economy are concerns of yours in 2010, please resolve with me to get Tutor/Mentor Program-building maps into the hands of community/political/media leaders today-- people who talk all the time about how our kids need better role models and mentors.

You can do your part in 5 minutes today... to help arm our leaders with maps/tools designed to help them locate high-need areas, potential alliances, and new untapped community resources. All toward quality tutor/mentor programs in every neighborhood, for every student who needs guidance and doesn't want to be left behind this decade.

It's simple...

First, spend two minutes thinking of who you know...
  • Do you know political, faith, business, media, or other community leaders in your network who genuinely care about poverty, poorly-performing schools, crime, or workforce development?

  • OR maybe there are people in your network who might not be "leaders," per se... but just "normal" citizens like you and me who worry about these issues?

Next, email or facebook them something like this:

(I even wrote it for you! Copy and paste away!)

Hey -

I thought of you when I learned what
this non-profit is doing WITH MAPS to fight crime, poverty, and other social problems in Chicago.

They map areas where "at-risk" students are living with high poverty, crime, and underachieving schools... where kids might benefit from mentoring, to make good life choices toward college and career, versus the street. Then "Mapping For Justice" maps the community resources that can make new tutor/mentor programs happen.

They are looking for anyone working in politics, media, education, health care, or crime that might be able to use the maps in their work, especially if it pertains to youth mentoring or workforce development...

They are also looking for business allies or professional organizations (lawyers, doctors, etc.) that might want to sponsor this innovative and important social project...

Or perhaps religious (or other) organizations that might take a lead in hosting, promoting or supporting new/existing mentoring programs where the maps show they're needed.

Interested? Know anyone?

Contact Mapping For Justice at

Happy New Year!


5 minutes toward helping students make good decisions now, so you don't have to worry about them later.

What a great start to your new year!

Cheers to a safer and more prosperous decade!

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