Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mapping For Justice-T/MC via Loyola University Chicago

Hi all,
I am final year graduate Computer Science student who is one among the three students from Loyola University Chicago who is involved in Mapping for justice project with Cabrini Connections. We are currently mapping Banks and their locations as our assets, to help T/MC in finding out valuable resources as part of our project.

To start with, we have been collecting bank data from various resources for Geocoding it in our maps in the future. As I have mentioned earlier the three students working on this project are Peter Hoy, Brad Drury and Alexander(me). We are being assisted by our mentor Prof. David Treering who is a GIS specialist and also a faculty at Loyola University Chicago. He has given this exposure for us to serve our community in a better way as a part of our curriculum.
Mike Trakan also a GIS specialist, singer and song writer has been our guiding force in developing this project. Dan, head of T/MC programs and Mike have been working on similar kind of projects for years in developing this society. We as students are starting our services to serve our community through the opportunities like this. Please contribute to the developement of T/MC in any ways possible. More info can be obtained through this blog space. Will keep posted....

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