Monday, October 11, 2010

Mapping Solutions Gallery Sample: US Rep Luis Gutiérrez and his 4th District

See how Tutor/Mentor Connection maps connect politicians and ideas to help inner city kids

Here is a sample of the type of map you are going to see at the Mapping Solutions gallery at Webster's Wine Bar on November 17, as part of international GIS Day.

Luis Gutiérrez currently represents Illinois's 4th U.S. Congressional District. He will soon be running for mayor of Chicago. He is one of several politicians (with the power to build support for tutor/mentor programs) that will be featured in our Mapping Solutions gallery.

Our maps show where tutor/mentor programs are needed most by showing, in the maps above for instance, "poorly performing schools" and high levels of poverty - two indicators that there are many "at-risk" youth who need extra guidance away from the streets and toward college, jobs and responsible decision-making in their adult lives. (Click on the map to get an expanded preview.)

Then click here for a detailed look at why this should concern you, and what politicians like Gutiérrez can do to take the lead in saving us money, protecting our streets, and guiding our future neighbors through tutoring/mentoring.

Come out to the event, talk with us, and see similar maps.

And please click here to contribute a small donation so we can continue Mapping Solutions to poverty, crime, and the drop-out crisis for our politicians.


Who are we?

Tutor/Mentor Connection is a Chicago non-profit that helps connect business leaders, politicians, educators and citizens with afterschool and tutor/mentor programs, in part through a series of web-based maps. Using technology donated by Esri, our maps chart instances of issues like crime, violence and failing schools against the prevalence of afterschool and tutor/mentor programs. By showing this relationship, we want to create connections between at-risk students and business leaders, politicians, educators and citizens who are willing to help.

What are we going to do?

We are raising money this fall to continue and improve our map capacities, to build new support for students through tutor/mentor programs, and to forge new alliances among community leaders who want to help.

Additionally, this year, we are hosting a map gallery , entitled Mapping Solutions , on Wednesday, November 17 2010 to draw support to GIS Day by displaying our unique maps for the general public, business and political leaders. Maps will be on display for purchase starting Monday, November 15 to Sunday, November 27.

The fundraiser event will take place on Wednesday, November 17.

Webster Wine Bar , 1480 W. Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614.

Why are we doing this?

In this day and age, maps can show a lot more than how to get from Point A to Point B. By mapping the geographic relationship between social issues in Chicago and their critical solutions, we want to show where our community has opportunities for Chicago leaders to make a difference in the lives of at-risk children.

Please consider a donation, and try to come out on November 17 to see for yourself how Tutor/Mentor Connection is Mapping Solutions.

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Anonymous said...

This map in chicago is called the Latino Ear Muff. because the two pockets of spanish population is connected by a thin line. We cannot how this passed the compact and contiguous concept of the constitution. it was a politically correct kow-tow to the hispanics at the expense of a white congressman who previously had a seat in the area.