Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Responding to Growth of Suburban Poverty

I encourage you to read this article on Mother Jones, showing the dramatic growth of poverty in suburbs of Chicago and other cities.

Note: when I first published this article in 2013 I also included a link to a Brookings.edu article. That link is broken. However,  here are some other articles about suburban poverty.

The Growth and Spread of Concentrated Poverty: 2000 to 2008-2012. Brookings.edu. click here

Confronting Suburban Poverty in America (pdf) this is also a Brookings.edu report- click here

Poverty is Moving to the Suburbs. The War on Poverty Hasn't Followed. Washington Post 2018 article

11-2018 update:  WBEZ report: An American Suburb, 2018.  Story shows how poverty is becoming greater in suburbs of cities like Chicago than in those cities.  Read the four part series. click here

4-19-2019 update: This US News report article is titled The Suburban Myth of Health and Wealth and focuses on the hidden pockets of poverty in wealthy suburbs like In New York’s Nassau County.

10-24-2019 update:  Suburban Poverty article on Tutor/Mentor Blog - click here

The strategies I've shown for building a distribution of mentor-rich programs in inner city neighborhoods will need to be expanded to reach youth in high poverty neighborhoods. Will you help?

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