Monday, October 27, 2008

Mt. Sinai Hospital - How can this map be used by the surrounding community?

Recently, Dan Bassill at Tutor/Mentor Connection reconnected with leaders at Mt. Sinai Hospital. He has encouraged them in the past to adopt the role of a Hospital Tutor/Mentor Connection, and reports that the Hospital has indeed launched a Tutor/Mentor program to assist the thousands of CPS students in the vicintity of Lawndale in their struggle to overcome obstacles presented by extreme poverty and underachieving schools.

In his blog he breaks down, in amazing detail, how this map can be used by Hospital leaders at Mt. Sinai and elsewhere... by Fortune 500/1000 company Ryerson, Inc. ... and by the many faith groups near the hospital... each of whom can support the growth of tutor/mentor programs in this area through volunteering, funding, hosting, etc.

Please give Dan's blog a read. It may the most thorough overview on how these maps can be (and hopefully are being) used.

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