Sunday, December 9, 2018

Digital Divide in Chicago - 2018 WBEZ article

This screen shot shows interactive map included in WBEZ article titled "Clear Signs Of The Digital Divide Between Chicago’s North And South Sides"

The article reports that "more than half the households in Englewood and nearly half the households in West Englewood (51 percent), Riverdale (49 percent), Auburn Gresham, and South Shore (both 46 percent), lacked internet access at home".

This is a disadvantage for youth and adults.

I show these maps and articles with the goal that readers will be concerned and will share the articles with others, who will also be concerned, and that this will result in people from different sectors giving time, talent and dollars to help reduce this problem.

Browse other articles on this blog, and the Tutor/Mentor blog, and share with your network, as the graphic below suggests.

This work is not something that can be done in a day, or even a year or a decade. But it is work that needs to be done.  If you'd like help digging through the information I'm sharing, or in making sense of some of the graphics, I'm available.

12-12-18 update - Visit this site and see 2018 data and maps showing digital access in census tracts across the USA.

12-19-18 update - World Economic Forum - report - Our Shared Digital Future: Building an Inclusive, Trustworthy and Sustainable Digital Society, 2022 goals. click here

1-16-19 update - World Economic Forum  report - Global Risks Report 2019

2/18/2019 update - Nearly one-in-five teens can’t always finish their homework because of the digital divide - 10/2018 Pew Research Center report - click here

2/25/2019 update - Digital Distress: What is it and who does it affect? Part 1. 2019 article focusing on "those on the wrong side of the divide (who) are being left behind, prompting the creation of strategies to ensure everybody can reap the benefits of this new age. click here

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