Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Network Analysis Tool for Twitter - Twitonomy

I've posted articles showing network analysis tools in the past. Thus, today I was excited to see the Tweet which is shown below.

I signed up for a free account and browsed around to see what's available. It's pretty easy to use. Blow is a screen shot of people who mentioned @tutormentorteam (me) between May and December 2018.

If you've read any of my past articles my interest in these tools is the potential to provide on-going support to community-building efforts, or bringing people together to solve complex problems, such as making well-organized, long-term, volunteer based tutor, mentor and learning programs available in every high poverty neighborhood of Chicago, and keeping them there for a decade or longer.

Without these analysis tools we could fill a football stadium with fans and still not know if we have the right mix of talent, experiences, political leadership, resource providers, program experts, etc present to work on solving our problem.

Unless we repeat the analysis on an on-going basis we don't know if our efforts are keeping these people in the conversation, and expanding the range of people involved.

I don't have the  time, talent, dollars or manpower to do this analysis myself in all the ways it should be done, which is why I keep inviting others, from Chicago, or any where in the world, who is interested in this, to reach out and introduce yourself.

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